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Repeater Update for .350 and .390 as of Nov 26 2021

I received an update from Dwayne about some fixes and changes to the Maryland side repeaters. First the 350 repeater rebuild is getting close to complete. The new repeater has a 4db increase in power, to 100 watts. It also has a 6db improvement to the receive side. The PL tone will soon be changed to 103.5 for RX and TX. This will decrease the hum heard in home station speakers.

Next the 390 repeater, it now has a new to us controller. From Dwayne’s description, it is a controller from Brazil with just COR and a Beep. There are replacements available.

Stay Tuned for future updates….

Latest on 350 and 390 Repeaters

Right now the 145.350 repeater is working but not linked to the other repeaters. The 145.390 has been turned off. We are having some interference issues with other services, so once that gets taken care off, these machines should be back to normal. Thanks for your patients!!

Oct 10th Update on the 350 and Echolink

The 145.350 repeater seems to be back at full power and receive. It is not yet linked with the other repeaters, but hopefully this will be back soon.

The old WB3BW-R EchoLink is still down, and may not be back anytime soon. There are a few people working on getting another EchoLink established into the linked repeaters. Stay tuned for updates in the future.

Echolink Down

The WB3BW-R Echolink input to the repeater group is no longer up and running. It is unclear as to when this will be back on the air. We look forward to it being up in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Repeater Issue

The 145.350 repeater output is not working at this time. The input is still working, which means you could setup a special offset in your rig to transmit into the 350’s input frequency (144.750) and listen on one of the other repeaters output frequency. Example Transmit 144.750 with PL tone of 156.7, and receive on the output of the 145.390 or 146.745. The hope is to have this fixed in the near future.

The new N3PX website is up and running.

I finally took the dive to try my hand at updating the N3PX website. Please browse the website, and if you see errors, or things you think should be added, shoot me an email at Thanks and 73

Welcome to

The web site is the information center for the local repeater group. The wide area repeater group has repeaters in Prince Frederick and Lexington Park, MD, Montross, King George, and Dahlgren, VA. These repeaters allow us to cover most of Southern Maryland and the Northern Neck of Virginia.

The group also sponsors the Southern Maryland Link System that connects the repeater in Prince Frederick to the W4GMF repeater, the W4KGC in King George, VA, the N3PX in Lexington Park, and the KC8VFN in Dahlgren with a UHF backbone system.